Real Success Stories


It helps to visualize what your working on in a 3D interactive environment rather than on a flat 2D screen. One can really see how things work.

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California State University Chico

Chico State University General Chemistry students have a leg up this semester when it comes to understanding Atomic Orbital Theory after taking part in an innovative educational program developed by SAMA Learning.

All of the Chico General Chemistry students, more than 400 in all, received their lesson on Atomic Orbital Theory this semester from inside a virtual reality headset. Inside that headset the students were able to learn about and interact with the concepts in new and novel ways. Students received an entire lesson, including lecture, were able to change the mathematic makeup of the atom and see the effect in real-time. They could even pick up the atom and look inside to see all of the critical components directly.  And, adding the VR lesson required almost no planning as professors were able to drop the SAMA lesson in right alongside their existing lesson plans.

Enabling the entire chemistry class to experience VR is remarkable, but only the beginning.  Other institutions of higher learning will soon be using SAMA to teach Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.

It made learning a complicated topic a little bit easier and I would love to use it again.